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Travel Medicine Kits

This list states the most common illnesses when traveling abroad.

  1. Diarrhea

  2. Skin problems

  3. Respiratory tract problems

  4. Motion sickness

  5. Accidents and injuries

  6. Fever

  7. High-altitude illness


Always state specific medical needs when traveling abroad for more than 4-weeks. Specific medical needs can be pre-existing conditions that we need to take care for you. Medication that you are currently taking should be included in your medical kit.

Remember that if you are taking prescription medication you may need to take an authorization letter when passing thru customs at your selected destination. That will depend on the laws of the countries you will be visiting. We will need to asses this situation otherwise you may have to throw away your personal medication or worst case scenario pay fines or be detained by the authorities of a foreign country.

Keep your medical kit in your carry on bag at all times. Another set of the travel medical kit should be packed in your check in baggage depending on your length of your travel.